Ayurvedic tips for quick recovery after dengue? Here are some suggestions


Sufficient hydration, real rest and eating reasonably edible and nutritious food is basic while recuperating from dengue.

In the midst of a pushing move in events of dengue the nation over, deal with your resistance while following sufficient securities like wearing full-sleeve pieces of clothing, remaining mindful of neatness, lessening mosquito copying, and eating a sound eating schedule.

Regular consequences of dengue fever are high grade fever, cerebral pain, torment behind eyes, absurd body hurts, spinal torture, queasiness, or flinging. On the off chance that you experience any of these accidental impacts, you should recognize clinical bearing right away. The platelet recollect for the illness comparatively will generally go down so great hydration and burning-through effectively edible food is immense.

On the off chance that you not actually settled to have dengue, you should follow the join tips by Dr Dixa Bhavsar segregated from taking course from the prepared proficient.

Rest: It is expected to recognize adequate rest as tranquilizers in fixing. In dengue, the resistance of the patient goes down and accept however much rest as could be expected.

Water: Drink no under 3-4 liters of water for the term of the day. Ordinary thing crush (with no sugar) is a decent other alternative. A lot of liquids is the best way to deal with correct rapidly.

Food sources to burn-through and stay from

Eat citrus typical things like amla, kiwi, oranges and pineapples. Pomegranates and papayas are additionally engaged. You can in like way have vegetable soups. Eat light and home-orchestrated food like khichdi and moong dal soup. Buttermilk is moreover significant for hydration and helps in maintenance.

Keep away from wheat rotis and eat jowar rotis rather as they are lighter to gauge. One ought not have managed or efficient food at all during dengue. In like way keep away from sweet food as it surrenders fixing.


Drink papaya leaf juice (20 ml twice/triple) a day. It is incredibly powerful in extra making platelets. On the off chance that you discover it has a disturbing taste, you can add some nectar to it. Essentially, Giloy (tguduchi) press nearby amla and wheat grass pulverize additionally helps in managing tenacious' invulnerability and platelets.

After care

Keep on restoring with liquids like buttermilk, delicate coconut water, lime water, fennel water, new ordinary thing presses without sugar and with the squash perfect, and obviously plain water.

Try to practice in the sun as and when conceivable to get some enhancement D.

Eat changed eating standard and quality suppers without white sugar and dealt with food.