Check Out This Amazing Trip to Goa for Just Rs 3500!

Orchestrating a trip to Goa or taking a spur of the moment move away to Goa? Regardless, you are worried about the monetary arrangement? Taking everything into account, you will be dumbfounded by how insignificant cost your trip to Goa can be.

Organizing a trip to Goa? On the other hand taking an impromptu move away to Goa? In light of everything, you will be flabbergasted by how insignificant cost your trip to Goa can be, in the wake of examining this article. To be sure, why not exploit it? Consequently, here's the means by which you can manage a 3 excursion to Goa in Rs. 3500, thorough!

Consider leaving on Friday and arriving on Sunday evening.


Taking the LTT Karmali Special from Mumbai or taking the Jan Shatabdi Express will give you the best travel choices . While the past leaves from Dadar at 5:25 am, the last pulls out LTT at 5:30 am.

Charge for Jan Shatabdi Express: Rs. 270

Cost for LTT Karmali Special: Rs. 230

On showing up at Goa, you can enroll a bike the next day and go through that evening/night by strolling around the beach. The rental price for two days for a gearless bike, such as the Dio or Activa, is around Rs. 600. Fuel worth Rs. 200 is enough for the entire journey.

Dependent upon what time you wish to leave, you can pick your return train from Goa. Matsyagandha Express departs Goa at 19:15 hours (7:15 pm) or Mumbai Express departs Madgaon at 21:50 hours (9:50 pm). The advance for the former is Rs. 415 and for the latter is Rs. 420.

If you need a confirmation on the return trip likewise, you can take the special train (Madgaon Ahmedabad Junction), which leaves from Goa at 21:00 hours (9:00 pm). The entry fee for this train (2S) is Rs. 240.

In total, outbound travel costs (Rs. 230) plus travel locally within Goa (Rs. 600) + return travel costs (Rs. 240) + fuel expenses (Rs. 200) totals to Rs. 1270.


Accommodations are available at Roadhouse Hostel, Red Door Hostel and The Hostel Crowd in Goa. Duty on every evening (for two nights): Rs. 350 to Rs. 500. Consequently, the total for two nights is Rs. 700 at these hostels.

Food and Drinks

Total spent till now, for development and accommodation = Rs. 1970

On showing up at Goa, you can spend Rs. 200 for dinner at a shack.

On your second day in Goa, you can save Rs. 500 by saving for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; on your third day, you will need cash for breakfast and lunch, which is manageable with Rs. 300.

If you demand lunch in the train while branching out to Goa and dinner also while returning to Mumbai, you will spend Rs. 150 generally for both, outward similarly as bring adventure back. (Food served in train is truly moderate.)

Total spent on food: Rs. 1150

For sure, considering you will be in Goa, liquor is available extremely unobtrusive. It'd be better if you buy your alcohol from a wine shop rather than mentioning at a shack. A blend container will cost you around Rs. 80. If you drink 5 ales through your excursion, you will end up spending Rs. 400 for liquor. If not, you can choose rum, which will cost you Rs. 170 for a quarter. Along these lines, you can manage your alcohol in Rs. 350 generally (aside from in the event that you need to get wasted).

Total aggregate spent on liquor: Rs. 350

Total aggregate spent on the excursion: Rs. 3470

In light of everything, so that is your Goa trip administered in Rs. 3500, which is endeavored and attempted! If you have any inquiries regarding this, vibe permitted to comment!