Your city's current petrol and diesel prices


Petroleum and diesel costs: Petroleum cost in Delhi stays at Rs 101.19 per liter while diesel is accessible for Rs 88.62. In Mumbai, petroleum is retailing at Rs 107.26, while diesel costs Rs 96.19. Investigate under to discover fuel costs in your city.

Petroleum and diesel regard today: Petroleum and diesel costs stayed unaltered the country over for the twelfth reformist day on Friday, September 17, 2021. The costs of the key auto fortifies were keep on going invigorated on September 5 when petroleum and diesel costs were cut by 15 paise per liter each in the public capital.

The cost of petroleum in Delhi stays at Rs 101.19 per liter while that of diesel is at Rs 88.62. In Mumbai, petroleum right by and by costs Rs 107.26, while diesel is retailing at Rs 96.19, information accessible on Indian Oil Affiliation's site showed.

Auto fuel costs in the nation balance beginning with one state then onto the following ward upon the neighborhood obligation evaluation (Tank) and burden charges. Close to this, the focal government charges a focus responsibility on auto powers.

OMCs change paces of petroleum and diesel reliably subject to the commonplace cost of benchmark fuel in the general market in the past 15-days and new trade rates.

In the general market, brent oil prospects plunged on Friday at any rate held above $75 a barrel, staying on target for following quite a while after week gains of more than 3% due to the lethargic recuperation in yield after two whirlwinds in the US Inlet of Mexico, news affiliation Reuters revealed.

Brent terrible conceivable outcomes fell 27 pennies (0.36 percent) to $75.40 a barrel by 0838 GMT, eradicating Thursday's 21 penny acquire. US West Texas Flashing (WTI) upsetting fates were down 39 pennies (0.54 percent) at $72.22 in the wake of settling unaltered in the past get-together, the report said.